Sarah Louise Mosse, BA Hons, studied Interior Architecture at Middlesex University, London. She went on to have successful careers in commercial design and brand creation. Deciding to break free from the busy corporate environment in 2002, she headed off to rural France to paint along side highly-acclaimed artist Andrew Gifford in his busy Dordogne studio.  He encouraged and inspired her to paint full time and remains one of her greatest influences today. Sarah paints predominantly in oils on panel and uses glazes to build up the layers that give her oil painting a soft atmospheric style for which they have become known.  She shares her time between her studios in SW France and Norfolk, exhibiting in both France and the UK.


"My preoccupation has always been to explore the liminal world between light and shadow.  An appreciation of nature has deepened into an understanding of the poetry of the landscape as I continue to analyse the disposition of colours in the countryside and urban scenes in both France and the UK. While natural light is inclusive, drawing one into the landscape, exploring the reversal of this theme I am also enticed by night scenes where artificial light spilling from shopfronts and street lights gives one a sense of looking at the scene from a position of detachment. My work expresses the beauty I find in the subject by enhancing any subtle coloration and exaggerating the mood - yet it is unquestionably tied to a level of truthfulness."

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